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3 Reasons You Need a Tenant Experience Platform

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and consequently the rise of work-from-home, there has been a noticeable weakening of corporate culture and social bonds within the workplace. The concept of social activation has garnered attention, one that aims to create a more collaborative environment in the world of commercial real estate. So, how can one go about fostering a more collaborative workplace? The answer lies in the adoption of a tenant experience platform.

A tenant experience platform is only a single aspect of PropTech (short for property technology) but it continues to be a very important one. This type of technology solution cultivates the ecosystem of tenant activities ingrained in one’s building(s) – whether they concern service requests or amenity bookings. A tenant experience platform is tailored to the needs of those that interact with a building every day and present a novel opportunity to improve the experience of that daily interaction. The physical office, by itself, is limited in its ability to enhance the tenant experience. A digital tenant experience is recommended to provide a better omnichannel experience for building occupants for increased tenant satisfaction and strengthening of corporate culture, insight into invaluable data on how building occupants utilize a given space, and overall streamlined efficiency in one’s property management pipeline.

1. Increased tenant satisfaction

Offering a tenant experience platform can create a strong sense of loyalty and trust with your tenants, ultimately increasing tenant satisfaction as well as tenant attraction and retention. By streamlining communication with tenants and optimizing real-time updates about their properties from one platform, landlords can not only unlock new value in their assets but also boost a positive tenant experience.

2. Insight into invaluable data

Tapping into tenants’ usage to gain a deeper understanding of how they utilize a space can reveal invaluable information about a property and its most desirable features. Adopting a tenant experience platform can enable one to analyze key high-level trends across properties in one’s portfolio and remain agile as well as responsive to the needs of its tenants.

3. Streamlined efficiency Offering a digital platform can minimize the amount of tenant pain points as well as take out the “middleman” and related tedious administrative tasks. Fostering a frictionless digital experience that provides tenants access to a building’s features at their fingertips will streamline operations and allow one’s team to focus on what truly matters.

As a digital tenant experience will soon become a business imperative, it has never been more crucial to adopt a tenant experience platform. With benefits such as increased tenant satisfaction and strengthening of corporate culture, insight into invaluable data, and streamlined efficiency, there is a clear case to invest in a tenant experience technology solution.


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