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Why Work at Aspen?

Working at Aspen

The Aspen team is a community of like-minded, locally focused and authentically dedicated folks who love what they do and who they work with. We work together to bring the best service, space and amenities to our clients by putting our hearts into our jobs. Being part of a team of people who care—about one another, about our work and about the people who choose to work in our properties makes us highly effective.


Our core values—our guiding principles—are all about keeping our team members happy and productive. Aspen staff feel good about coming to work every day because…

  • Aspen employees are valued and respected. 

  • Aspen knows we need cool people to create cool places and spaces.

  • What’s good for the team is good for business. 

  • We’re all about providing the best commercial office space and making workplaces as welcoming and inspiring as they are functional.

  • We feel exactly the same about members of our own team. Aspen staff treat one another like family. We work together, laugh together and have fun together. What’s not to like about that? 

  • With opportunities for personal growth and a supremely respectful work environment, it’s no surprise that once folks start working with Aspen, they generally stick around.

  • Aspen values engagement.

  • Our regular staff retreats are eagerly anticipated by the whole Aspen team. We get out of our everyday environments to share ideas, think about the future and have fun together. 

  • Staff are valued for their contributions to the team and the company.

  • Our promise to ‘over deliver’ applies just as much to how we treat our colleagues as it does to our tenants.

If this sounds like the kind of place you’d love to work, we’d love to talk!

Compensation & Benefits

We put a lot of thought into the compensation and benefits we offer our employees to make sure they feel happy and cared for. Here are some highlights.

  • 100% employer sponsored group benefits plan (medical, dental, vision, life insurance, disability and employee family assistance plan)

  • Group retirement savings plan with employer matching of qualified contributions

  • On-site fitness facilities

  • Physical and Mental Health Activity allowance

  • Educational reimbursement program

  • Employee referral program

  • Charitable contributions program

  • Professional development and memberships

  • Annual team retreats

  • Healthy in-office snacks and beverages

  • Numerous employee events and community involvement opportunities

  • Two paid volunteering days per year

Employee Recognition

Employee recognition is an important aspect of Aspen’s culture. Examples of recognition opportunities include the following:

  • Annual Charles Berard Award for professionalism and leadership

  • Annual peer-nominated Employee Recognition Awards for exemplifying core values

  • Monthly peer-nominated Employee Recognition Awards for exceptional performance


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